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I want people to give a damn about me. I just feel so lonely right now. No body remembers me or even cares at this school. They all hate me because of someone who refuses to get over the past. I just dont wanna be the girl who’s hated any more. They don’t even know me. Never even had one conversation with me. Yet I still get the horrible remarks and nasty comments. I can’t be so fucked in the head that everyone hates me can i. I’m done with this school. Everyone makes me miserable. I feel like a failure to myself and everyone around me. If it weren’t for my two best friends I probably wouldn’t be here. They help me. im sorry that you have to deal with me. I don’t wanna deal with the horrible remarks but I know that I deserve it. I’ve grown to learn that I deserve this because im a terrible person. Idk. Today I jus haven’t wanted to talk. Because the second I do I get ripped on. I don’t feel safe or comfortable at this school. Ironically the school is in the middle of making an anti bullying video too.

I feel useless. Like I can’t even help myself because I let myself get like this. It feels like I fuck up everything I do but there’s nothing I can DO about it. I can’t be fucked with school or work or anything as a result of these days.

I don’t even know the point of this message. I just needed to get some shit out of my head to make room for the new stuff. Idk. No body will even read this or care. I could use a new friend who cared. I kinda want to be able to fit in and find people don’t hate me. Sometimes only being able to name two friends is a little embarrassing. Even if they’re the only ones that matter.

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"I am stronger than I look but not as strong as I act."
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You think no one cares? I care! Come talk to me. I’ll listen. Depressed blog. Remember I love you. Used to be our-twisted-fantasies. Account was terminated. .
"'I feel terrible, like there’s a weight on my chest.'
‘A heart’s a heavy burden.’"
Howl’s Moving Castle (2004)

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